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being in touch with Dance Labs

good morning! saturday continues to be Dance Labs day.   It keeps me focused while I'm creating a foundation for what I'm up to in Thailand during the week.  Good news is things are looking up, I'm a bit hungover this morning (I still think alcohol is evil), I'm finding creative ways to sustain myself as a volunteer, and happy Dance Labs continues to keep my spirit alive despite what in retrospect are only small setbacks!

It's been a good week - our space continues to expand - there are all kinds of new pages in our wiki and new people have been joining the conversation, especially with our intent to capture dance games and more fundamentally, share experiences with dance with each other!

We are also putting good energy towards answering the question we often get: "What is Dance Labs?"   Special thanks to Joe to kickstarting a branding scheme!

This was prompted by Linda's request  to clarify our vision and our mission.   You are invited to contribute - we want your vision to be a part of it!

So how shall our community communicate with each other?   I've done nothing but ponder this for the past 3-4 hours - enough to drive one batty! :-o   (I'm ok :)

To boil down the research conversation I started is I share about Dance Labs in the following ways:
  1. dancing :)
  2. over the table (ie. dinner)
  3. phone
  4. email
  5. personal and/or community blog (chinarut, dancelabs)
  6. community spaces  ( workspace )
I am in the process of bringing the community back together so there is not a semblance of the larger community as a whole at the moment.    Not everyone knows about what is happening and plan to use this blog rather than send mass updates.    This blog will eventally feed into various places expanding our exposure over time.   We are trying as many innovative solutions as possible so please bear with us.    Of course, if you differ with direction we are going in - please let us know

So go with what feels best for you - comment here, drop us an email, go play around with the workspace we've started on , or do what would make us quite happy, get off the computer and go dance! ;-)
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