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vanishing the past

hello everyone! you may have noticed I didn't post last week. Cori's been really nice to inspire me to be in communication - communication in a way that speaks the Dance Labs vision. One of the things I'm getting today is just plain cleaning up my word! I had and shared every intention to share how I was doing last saturday and I was just in a funk! Well - next time, I'll be sure to share the downs of life too - good news is it's all good :)

Newsflash: we have a dancer on the run! Graham is off on a journey to reconnect with his folks back in North Carolina. Last week, we had a "Dance Labs moment" - an opportunty to communicate "it's all good" through dance when words just couldn't say what I wanted to say! that's how important this work is!

We gave a shot at our first "dance circuit" in Bangkok and ahem - the most important part of the circuit didn't happen! But it's all good - the dancing all happened in reality, not in some club - we were all dancing as a community and that's what matters. Rest assured I'll be sure to plan the RCA portion of the circuit again - it's gonna happen god dammit!

I want to take a moment to acknowledge some volunteers who have been kind to assist us over the past 2 weeks. Michael Anderson, founder of Volunthai has taken a peek at our business plan. I'm looking forward to having a follow up call with him in the next week and discover the passion he channeled to make volunteer English teaching in Thailand a reality. Pech, has been wonderful in being a listening on all front and inspiring the redesign our our website. She is kind to share her dance story on happiness with us! It was nice to get a dance with her spontaneously in the middle of a bowling alley :)

So I go back and forth about how it is I wish to apply the work of Dance Labs in all the contexts I've created in life. I've clearly choosen to be of service to an extraordinary number of communities that sometimes I'm not clear if I'm giving the attention they require. It's like dancing around from one person to another and just realizing who you dance with is just perfect. If there's something there more than just dancing - well - I had better fess up and ask people who continue to dance with me what we might be able to create together! A special thanks to Morn, Pech, and Hiroko for being some of the most open people in the world. It is great to wake up one day (on Dance Labs day!) and realize that who you thought (ie. judged) someone to be in the past is not who they are. You can let go of their past, be present with them for who they are, and create a new future with them - thank you Hiroko for loving humanity!

I want to take a moment to acknowledge Elaine, a woman I met at an advanced communciation course I took in Thailand. She is from Malaysia and has graciously offered to be my health coach. It is today, that I realized Dance Labs is the commitment I create in life to fulfill on all the things I want to cause in life. I realize without this context - everything in life just occurs as something "to do" - and franky, things don't get done! Elaine has been a stand I create my "wellness wheel" and taking care of myself and my well being is one of the best things I can do to create Dance Labs to happen.

The other item on my agenda today is to create my declaration of who I am as a Dance Innovator - a role declaration many of you have seen me create with other organizations whether you are a non-profit, corporation, or whatever. I won't get into the details here and just show you when it's done :)

as you can see, for the most part I'm going a bit inward today, being in touch, and off to dance with what's missing is people in this apt so i can really get dancing like nobody's watching to a whole new level! so just drop in! no need to ask! =)
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