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kids rock

whew - this morning has been a bit of a whirlwind! Trying to relax today and catch up with good friends.

I'm pleased to share that our informal meeting with Plan International went well! They were quite critical of the 1 page document a few of you were great to assist us with so we may share what's possible with children with respect to Dance Labs.

Our directive: Go on a mission to experiment with what we do with kids

I'm excited to talk to Morn's nephew and listen to his ideas - of all the Thai kids I've met, I've never seen anyone so excited about dancing like Chalip - he showed up dancing in my office - you really can't beat that!

The opportunity we have is to create a fun context for kids to take on leadership - to encourage kids to interact and play with dance and be leaders themselves - boys and girls. For us adults, well...we get to support them and most importantly, learn to be kids too :)

want to leave you with an inspiring quote from a book called Magical Parent Magical Child I am reading:

"Play is the child's royal road to intelligence, creative thinking, and joy. The child who can play will play skillfully and successfully throughout life."
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