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Chalip the dance ambassador!

I want to take a moment now to thank Chalip for his spirit yesterday! He was so excited about coming over he got all his homework done and got up at 7am present to a new future!

At 7 years old, he's fascinated by the world of computers. Morn helped me introduce the Thai Wikipedia to him and we got his email account set up. As we were wrapping up on Internet 101, we had a nice moment finding a site that teaches Thai via music - now go sing the Chin song! :)

I took a moment to brainstorm what kinds of exercises would be good for kids and the unexpected happened - we played around with our "look who's leading" exercise" and we discovered a fascinating way to get in and out of the mirrror and evolve it into a more fluid co-active dance that Dance Labs is all about!

some of you are familar with contact improv - Dance Labs focuses on the methods to pull out the dancer in you quickly yet gracefully! you dance how you dance and we're committed to discovering that.

a special thanks to Morn for causing all this to happen - her sister was nice to bring over some yummy Thai food and we all had a family dinner together - it was a really nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

A dance leader is born!
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