August 1st, 2006

japan, possibility

คน ใจ ง่าย

I've been raving about this Thai house song I hear just about every day and finally found out what the name of this song is!  "kon jai ngai" means "people heart easy" or roughly "people who love easily" in Thai - how perfect!  (update: listen to it here :)

I have two Dance Labs moments to share this past wkd...

on Saturday, I was invited to a CMU alumni event hosted at a karaoke place thanks to Annie and her clan.  Many of you know that "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" has been our mantra for quite some time now - it got put to the test, by yours truly, when this song came on and I just wanted to dance!   At that moment, a fellow alumni, Lin, came jiving through the door and it spurred me to get up and get my groove on!    Now the room we were in was not very conducive to dancing so I just kinda had to be in my one square meter of space and just kinda dance for everyone!  Admittedly, I'm not one for performance and lost a bit of steam towards the end of the song.   heh - at least I saw my "edge" and believe it's always great to meet people as their dancing spirits so thanks, Lin, for being such a great listening for Dance Labs - you are an inspiration for all!

Pech gets to be volunteer of the month!   She has been doing an amazing job helping us plan future directions for a new web site and helping us work out the details for our kids event.   She's been putting so much love into it - check out the names she's come up with for the dancing games we want to share with kids!    Sure enough, as we were leaving for lunch, my neighbor started playing "kon jai ngai" and got an inspiration to choreograph a partner dance to this song - to share a beautiful dance that embodies the spirit of Dance Labs beyond words!

<3 <3 <3

ps. I almost forgot to make an annoucement!  If you're free on Mother's day wkd on Sunday, Aug 13th - we have plans to share our work with kids that day - let us know if you want to come play with kids in Thonburi!