January 6th, 2007

japan, possibility

Unchartered Waters Lie Ahead!

A happy new year friends, family, and colleagues! Yes - we've been out of incommunindo and think it suffices to say we had a great year grounding our vision!

I came here originally to share a letter I wrote to the open space community with all of you.  8 hours later (!), I'm done with my final outline for a comprehensive update - one that encompasses 5 years of progress, stumbles, breakthroughs, with the kitchen sink thrown in!  I intend to distribute this widely before our 5th anniversary which is January 13th, the date of our first workshop in Oakland, CA in 2002.

without further ado -  pictures are louder than words and this video is designed to begin our story!

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We shared the video above at a recent Christmas party thrown by Landmark Education International. Martina Sprangers, our Bangkok Center Manager, was really kind to invite us to share our project in the spotlight in front of hundreds of people! We had the opportunity to thank Pech, Morn, and all the volunteers who made the last 4 months a reality for all of us not to mention complete the program for the 12 kids who were bold to show up!!!

We'll be adding new footage from the video from this event once we receive it - we're happy we were able to give the kids an opportunity to express themselves newly in front of everyone. It created the space for spontaneity and the unexpected - it was awesome!

Here is a letter I wrote this morning to connect our community with the open space community.  I feel open space is dear to our heart and is the essence of what we do at an abstract level.   This community stands to transform the way we interact and evolve as human beings and lead our lives in much the same way many of us feel at home at intentional dance gatherings - free of agenda and with lots of spirit!  A new beginning for openness lies ahead of us so fasten your seat belts, enjoy, and stay tuned!!!