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Anyone can be a leader (ใครๆก็เป็นผู้นำได้)!

Sawadee ka everyone! We have exciting news to share!

It's been an enlightening experience to bring out the leadership in children over the past 2 weeks.  Morn is so amazed to see the energy these kids generate together that she steps up to be a Dance Labs partner and do what it takes to contribute full time on this front!   This all has such a profound impact on me I've reduced my time online by at least tenfold over the past month.  We went from 3 to 8 children this past sunday and we're proud to announce our original 3 kids stepped up to help organize our next one this sunday!

We have more photos for you to see and thanks to Morn, we caught our "Anyone can be a leader (ใครๆก็เป็นผู้นำได้)" exercise on video:

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I updated our Videos workspace and we're actively looking for someone to help us produce an introductory video to Dance Labs to submit with our Plan proposal.   We continue to explore the impact Dance Labs has on children around the world especially in developing countries.

Our volunteer of the month for September is Morn's sister, Na! Not only is she a great mom, she's done a wonderful job having our work spread like wildfire in Thonburi. She stands that Dance Labs be an engaging community building tool and more importantly, that we don't give up -- we can't let the kids down!

Na is also responsible for creating a great name for this project - Dance Chalat. Chalat means "smart" in Thai - what excites her is the ability dance has to nuture creativity - that playing with creativity acts like a magnet for connecting kids together!

Please share any stories you have dancing with kids!

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