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happy birthday Ted!

First, a warm thanks to all the volunteers and guests who've showed up to be with our kids in the park! A special thanks to any of you who've helped us from afar - we respect your choice to assist us amongst all the places you can be on the Internet or the phone!

We've been spending so much time hands-on with the kids and modeling what we do here with Dance Chalat - there really isn't much room to be online lately! I took today to catch up on loose ends and it is quite serendipitous of it to be Ted's birthday! For those of you who have not met Ted, he is a great dancer and the founding father of Dance Labs - his inspiration keeps us chugging and u bet our kids can't wait to meet "uncle Ted" real soon! :)

I had a good chat with Ted over Skype and it was really really great to hear more about greendimes, the startup Ted just joined. He's definitely found a great new home to work on something that I agree resonates to everyday people like you and me - who can't relate to wanting to get rid of mounds of junk mail in your snailmail box?!? I am now staring at my recycle pile right now! Their goal is to make it easy for people to make a difference at a dime a day yet have people receive a valuable service in return - way to chase a vision Ted!

I updated Ted in regards to the birth of Dance Chalat and all the exciting converstions we're having. Thanks to Morn and the team, we've had *5* events since our last update and posted new photos to our Dance Chalat photoset - we also made a first cut at a VCD and for those of you who are kind to be part of the VideoIntroduction team - stay tuned - we'll be going through a few iterations and work towards what we all see as our future documentary - here we come world!

We're pleased to announce a brand new means to see the growth of our community:

Kids Dancing!

Everyone is welcome to visit us here in Thonburi and join this dance floor we created yesterday - for those of you who aren't so close by - take hold of your artistic skills and mail it in - I'm sure the kids would like to see people arrive from all around the world - they already talk about dancing in Germany!

For these 3 months, our production team will be keeping up dance experiments in Thonburi Park every sunday from 10-12 with a break on the last sunday of each month. If you cannot make it in person, not to fret! We've been documenting our processes like no tomorrow to assist those brave folks who want to take on creating your own dance experiment in the comforts of your very own community! See our Production Manual and Catalyst's Guide.

On the fundraising front, we are still ironing out our presentation slides folding in our hands-on experience every week along with solid principles and best practices. Our ultimate goal: self-sustainability. Please introduce us to anyone you may know who may be willing to help us make Dance Chalat have a rock solid foundation at it's feet.

So I've saved the best for last: the kids are really excited about throwing a celebration on Dec 24th here in Bangkok. The display you see above is a big milestone towards visualizing what they see. If you'd like to be part of the organizating team, please contact us. A formal invite is to follow.

Best wishes to Ted from everyone as he embarks on another year of abundance!
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