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Dance Labs home page now on wikispaces

It's been quite some time since posting to our community blog and just want to let everyone know what happened recently that sparks a change in our home page.  I took the opportunity to declare where I feel we are as a community and will save plenty of dance anecdotes as I reconnect with many of you.    To those of you who are new, welcome to yet another new beginning!
We created a space on the Omidyar Network in June 2006 to serve as a first attempt to encourage our community to collaborate online with mixed results - it clearly was an experiment in community and a milestone for us.

The Omidyar Network community is in a state of transition and we're getting back to basics - gathering our community together.

As many of you are from all parts of the world, we'll be taking a 2 pronged approach to focus both on the local community and the global community as a whole. Facebook has proved to be a fascinating phenomenon we're willing to embrace - it is the closest we've found online to fun & playful ways of the dance floor without resorting to 3D platforms like Second Life which is out of reach for many of you.

We ultimately want to keep the dance connections alive and intend to create gatherings in Thailand short-term to discuss possibilities but more importantly, play with dance!

If there is anything else you'd like to know or just want to chat with us, please drop us a note at this email address

Most of all - have fun and keep dancing!
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