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LA community dance experiment!

Hello!   Thank you for being the heart of my community and listening for the passion of dance in life!  Some of you have been an inspiration over the years and some of you may have heard through the grapevine the big opening that happened last Thursday here in LA I’m really excited to share about!

After a long hiatus from the dance floor (on the order of 2+ years with perhaps a dabble here and there!), I decided to follow my love for music all over again & bring a few folks to a place called Akbar I was invited to back in August.  We discovered a club/house scene quite conducive to exploring being playfully connected to each other!  We pulled salsa, swing, contact improv, whatever we could make up in the moment - because there are no expectations for partnering on a club floor, it’s a great opportunity to be with yourself and play with others when you’re ready.

So we’re looking to keep this momentum up and inviting everyone to meet up for dinner and play with us on Thursday nights.   We’re interested in discovering new ideas and I’ve even been asked over the years to “teach” this kind of dance and always made excuses so I’m letting everyone know I’m finally accepting I am the ONE and want to know who’s interested in playing this game too! =)

We’re also excited to complement this experience by making available a separate, private space (say a dance studio) between thursday sessions to explore any barriers that might come up while dancing with yourself, with others, or as a group.   Not like there’s anything wrong - but as an opportunity to bring yourself and your community to a new level with the support of a facilitator.  After the workshop, we’ll invite you to back on that dance floor, try your discoveries, and be open to what happens - you bet I’ve seen my share of surprises!

Special thanks goes to Kristen Mangione, a dancer/healer based out of NYC who has been kind to listen to the spirit Dance Labs is and shape ideas with me over the past 2 months and agree to experiment with this idea between now and May.   She will returning to Los Angeles next Thursday Nov 11th to meet us for dinner and play with us on the dance floor afterwards.  She has offered to facilitate a 2 hour workshop on Friday Nov 12th from 2-4pm and think she’ll be a great resource to bring out the dancer in you and just about anyone you know!

And in the event you absolutely can’t wait to put on your dancin feet on, join us tomorrow (Thu Nov 4th) at 8pm for Indian food at Agra and you guessed it - we’ll be dancing afterwards!

Bring it on - we’d love to have you!


ps. For those on Facebook, you will receive separate event invitations with this email to help tie the 2 spaces we’re creating together.  For those of you who can’t make it - please do let us know you are still interested and we would be happy to keep you in the loop!
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