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A peep into the blog of Dance Labs

[ok...this entry is a bit more public than I thought! ie. it's seen in the friend's tab of my I'm editing it!]

[this is my first attempt at community blogging - rather than just write an individual blog, Dance Labs brings some more context to the picture.]

*eventually* this journal represents an RSS feed into whatever content management system is built for our site. to whomever is the spirit to become our website guru, *please* do not go with a built-in [blogging] mechanism [in a "everything and the kitchen sink CMS]. isolate the news piece - it may very well be easier for the editors at hand. LJ supports switching contexts quite easily from their [new] portal (where I am writing this entry now)

approval [process] is still up for grabs.

[making this public cuz there isn't much content here in the first place!]

dance news wise - i went dancing for the first time in ages last saturday! it feel good to just let go and find other peeps to dance with - it was quite spontaneous!

dreaming about dancing with my baby!
Tags: reality, technology
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