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open and free

I'm not clear what to post here and in the spirit of Dance Labs, it's going to be open and free...  it all started at a conference called the Asia Commons.   I was invited to be a part of this conference by Michel Bauwens, founder of the P2P Foundation - he simply said "it's not too often a conference like this shows up in Bangkok"    So after a bit of going back and forth, I decided to bite the bullet and show up.   Little did I know I would begin the address the issues that have been raking my mind around like intellectual property - I never expected to be part of bringing the commons into existence here in Asia.  Our contribution to the commons is the work of Dance Labs - something I've decided to let go and let the love and beauty of every dancer in the world evolve and grow - this is an invitation if I'm not being clear!

About a week after the conference, I posted an executive summary of Dance Labs to the Omidyar Network, a foundation started by Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay.     I've been part of this community for quite some time thanks to a Burning Man spirit I met, exoterica, who, in fact, inspired me to start my LiveJournal before coming to Thailand!    She's been a driving force a complete activist participating in every nook and cranny of    It's been exciting to build up our space - engaging in conversations, inventing games, organizing the knowledge that captures the essence of what we do here at Dance Labs in a completely collaborative way - not isolated on some web server somewhere.  This is the beaufy of the Omidyar network - the ability to discover and explore to your heart's content - I've never seen anything like it - please check it out - if all we here at Dance Labs do is connect you to your dream and that becomes your dance floor - we've accomplished our mission!

So this journal is to be focused - focused on sharing what's happening with Dance Labs!   There is a vision for this to be an RSS feed into a future web site but let's not go to fast - we have enough projects on our hands - including a potential new project to work with underprivelged children in developing countries.   It's nice to stumble across an application of our technology to something so basic - the kid in all of us.   We are just in discussion stages and I'm excited to see what comes of this - this may very well be one of the most interesting proposals I've written yet - I've been practicing how to write proposals for well over 5 years now and to think I almost gave up!

I want to take a moment to thank Natty, a Thai business owner who was brave to share about her challenges with business.   It was her share of getting to the point of almost giving up on her business that she opened the flood gates and grew her business to 5 times what it was before - that is extraordinary!

So here we are - some of you heard all about us in the past and some of you are seeing us for what we are - welcome to the reinvention of Dance Labs - you (and we!) don't even know what's coming - it is a reoccuring process! ;-)

Long live dance!

ps. a special thanks to hardstone - without her stand - Dance Labs would have never come out of the closet!
Tags: acknowledgement, completion, timeless
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