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Chalip the dance ambassador!

I want to take a moment now to thank Chalip for his spirit yesterday! He was so excited about coming over he got all his homework done and got up at 7am present to a new future!

At 7 years old, he's fascinated by the world of computers. Morn helped me introduce the Thai Wikipedia to him and we got his email account set up. As we were wrapping up on Internet 101, we had a nice moment finding a site that teaches Thai via music - now go sing the Chin song! :)

I took a moment to brainstorm what kinds of exercises would be good for kids and the unexpected happened - we played around with our "look who's leading" exercise" and we discovered a fascinating way to get in and out of the mirrror and evolve it into a more fluid co-active dance that Dance Labs is all about!

some of you are familar with contact improv - Dance Labs focuses on the methods to pull out the dancer in you quickly yet gracefully! you dance how you dance and we're committed to discovering that.

a special thanks to Morn for causing all this to happen - her sister was nice to bring over some yummy Thai food and we all had a family dinner together - it was a really nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

A dance leader is born!
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kids rock

whew - this morning has been a bit of a whirlwind! Trying to relax today and catch up with good friends.

I'm pleased to share that our informal meeting with Plan International went well! They were quite critical of the 1 page document a few of you were great to assist us with so we may share what's possible with children with respect to Dance Labs.

Our directive: Go on a mission to experiment with what we do with kids

I'm excited to talk to Morn's nephew and listen to his ideas - of all the Thai kids I've met, I've never seen anyone so excited about dancing like Chalip - he showed up dancing in my office - you really can't beat that!

The opportunity we have is to create a fun context for kids to take on leadership - to encourage kids to interact and play with dance and be leaders themselves - boys and girls. For us adults, well...we get to support them and most importantly, learn to be kids too :)

want to leave you with an inspiring quote from a book called Magical Parent Magical Child I am reading:

"Play is the child's royal road to intelligence, creative thinking, and joy. The child who can play will play skillfully and successfully throughout life."
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vanishing the past

hello everyone! you may have noticed I didn't post last week. Cori's been really nice to inspire me to be in communication - communication in a way that speaks the Dance Labs vision. One of the things I'm getting today is just plain cleaning up my word! I had and shared every intention to share how I was doing last saturday and I was just in a funk! Well - next time, I'll be sure to share the downs of life too - good news is it's all good :)

Newsflash: we have a dancer on the run! Graham is off on a journey to reconnect with his folks back in North Carolina. Last week, we had a "Dance Labs moment" - an opportunty to communicate "it's all good" through dance when words just couldn't say what I wanted to say! that's how important this work is!

We gave a shot at our first "dance circuit" in Bangkok and ahem - the most important part of the circuit didn't happen! But it's all good - the dancing all happened in reality, not in some club - we were all dancing as a community and that's what matters. Rest assured I'll be sure to plan the RCA portion of the circuit again - it's gonna happen god dammit!

I want to take a moment to acknowledge some volunteers who have been kind to assist us over the past 2 weeks. Michael Anderson, founder of Volunthai has taken a peek at our business plan. I'm looking forward to having a follow up call with him in the next week and discover the passion he channeled to make volunteer English teaching in Thailand a reality. Pech, has been wonderful in being a listening on all front and inspiring the redesign our our website. She is kind to share her dance story on happiness with us! It was nice to get a dance with her spontaneously in the middle of a bowling alley :)

So I go back and forth about how it is I wish to apply the work of Dance Labs in all the contexts I've created in life. I've clearly choosen to be of service to an extraordinary number of communities that sometimes I'm not clear if I'm giving the attention they require. It's like dancing around from one person to another and just realizing who you dance with is just perfect. If there's something there more than just dancing - well - I had better fess up and ask people who continue to dance with me what we might be able to create together! A special thanks to Morn, Pech, and Hiroko for being some of the most open people in the world. It is great to wake up one day (on Dance Labs day!) and realize that who you thought (ie. judged) someone to be in the past is not who they are. You can let go of their past, be present with them for who they are, and create a new future with them - thank you Hiroko for loving humanity!

I want to take a moment to acknowledge Elaine, a woman I met at an advanced communciation course I took in Thailand. She is from Malaysia and has graciously offered to be my health coach. It is today, that I realized Dance Labs is the commitment I create in life to fulfill on all the things I want to cause in life. I realize without this context - everything in life just occurs as something "to do" - and franky, things don't get done! Elaine has been a stand I create my "wellness wheel" and taking care of myself and my well being is one of the best things I can do to create Dance Labs to happen.

The other item on my agenda today is to create my declaration of who I am as a Dance Innovator - a role declaration many of you have seen me create with other organizations whether you are a non-profit, corporation, or whatever. I won't get into the details here and just show you when it's done :)

as you can see, for the most part I'm going a bit inward today, being in touch, and off to dance with myself...now what's missing is people in this apt so i can really get dancing like nobody's watching to a whole new level! so just drop in! no need to ask! =)
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being in touch with Dance Labs

good morning! saturday continues to be Dance Labs day.   It keeps me focused while I'm creating a foundation for what I'm up to in Thailand during the week.  Good news is things are looking up, I'm a bit hungover this morning (I still think alcohol is evil), I'm finding creative ways to sustain myself as a volunteer, and happy Dance Labs continues to keep my spirit alive despite what in retrospect are only small setbacks!

It's been a good week - our Omidyar.net space continues to expand - there are all kinds of new pages in our wiki and new people have been joining the conversation, especially with our intent to capture dance games and more fundamentally, share experiences with dance with each other!

We are also putting good energy towards answering the question we often get: "What is Dance Labs?"   Special thanks to Joe to kickstarting a branding scheme!

This was prompted by Linda's request  to clarify our vision and our mission.   You are invited to contribute - we want your vision to be a part of it!

So how shall our community communicate with each other?   I've done nothing but ponder this for the past 3-4 hours - enough to drive one batty! :-o   (I'm ok :)

To boil down the research conversation I started is I share about Dance Labs in the following ways:
  1. dancing :)
  2. over the table (ie. dinner)
  3. phone
  4. email
  5. personal and/or community blog (chinarut, dancelabs)
  6. community spaces  ( o.net workspace )
I am in the process of bringing the community back together so there is not a semblance of the larger community as a whole at the moment.    Not everyone knows about what is happening and plan to use this blog rather than send mass updates.    This blog will eventally feed into various places expanding our exposure over time.   We are trying as many innovative solutions as possible so please bear with us.    Of course, if you differ with direction we are going in - please let us know

So go with what feels best for you - comment here, drop us an email, go play around with the workspace we've started on o.net , or do what would make us quite happy, get off the computer and go dance! ;-)
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open and free

I'm not clear what to post here and in the spirit of Dance Labs, it's going to be open and free...  it all started at a conference called the Asia Commons.   I was invited to be a part of this conference by Michel Bauwens, founder of the P2P Foundation - he simply said "it's not too often a conference like this shows up in Bangkok"    So after a bit of going back and forth, I decided to bite the bullet and show up.   Little did I know I would begin the address the issues that have been raking my mind around like intellectual property - I never expected to be part of bringing the commons into existence here in Asia.  Our contribution to the commons is the work of Dance Labs - something I've decided to let go and let the love and beauty of every dancer in the world evolve and grow - this is an invitation if I'm not being clear!

About a week after the conference, I posted an executive summary of Dance Labs to the Omidyar Network, a foundation started by Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay.     I've been part of this community for quite some time thanks to a Burning Man spirit I met, exoterica, who, in fact, inspired me to start my LiveJournal before coming to Thailand!    She's been a driving force a complete activist participating in every nook and cranny of omidyar.net.    It's been exciting to build up our space - engaging in conversations, inventing games, organizing the knowledge that captures the essence of what we do here at Dance Labs in a completely collaborative way - not isolated on some web server somewhere.  This is the beaufy of the Omidyar network - the ability to discover and explore to your heart's content - I've never seen anything like it - please check it out - if all we here at Dance Labs do is connect you to your dream and that becomes your dance floor - we've accomplished our mission!

So this journal is to be focused - focused on sharing what's happening with Dance Labs!   There is a vision for this to be an RSS feed into a future web site but let's not go to fast - we have enough projects on our hands - including a potential new project to work with underprivelged children in developing countries.   It's nice to stumble across an application of our technology to something so basic - the kid in all of us.   We are just in discussion stages and I'm excited to see what comes of this - this may very well be one of the most interesting proposals I've written yet - I've been practicing how to write proposals for well over 5 years now and to think I almost gave up!

I want to take a moment to thank Natty, a Thai business owner who was brave to share about her challenges with business.   It was her share of getting to the point of almost giving up on her business that she opened the flood gates and grew her business to 5 times what it was before - that is extraordinary!

So here we are - some of you heard all about us in the past and some of you are seeing us for what we are - welcome to the reinvention of Dance Labs - you (and we!) don't even know what's coming - it is a reoccuring process! ;-)

Long live dance!

ps. a special thanks to hardstone - without her stand - Dance Labs would have never come out of the closet!
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A peep into the blog of Dance Labs

[ok...this entry is a bit more public than I thought! ie. it's seen in the friend's tab of my journal...so I'm editing it!]

[this is my first attempt at community blogging - rather than just write an individual blog, Dance Labs brings some more context to the picture.]

*eventually* this journal represents an RSS feed into whatever content management system is built for our site. to whomever is the spirit to become our website guru, *please* do not go with a built-in [blogging] mechanism [in a "everything and the kitchen sink CMS]. isolate the news piece - it may very well be easier for the editors at hand. LJ supports switching contexts quite easily from their [new] portal (where I am writing this entry now)

approval [process] is still up for grabs.

[making this public cuz there isn't much content here in the first place!]

dance news wise - i went dancing for the first time in ages last saturday! it feel good to just let go and find other peeps to dance with - it was quite spontaneous!

dreaming about dancing with my baby!
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I'm going to keep this short and sweet - this page is intended to be our new online community for all of us to share that dance experience or connection that changed your life with us all!